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Here is a picture of me and my youngest daughter with her first turkey, a nice Eastern taken here in Greenwood , SC. April 10 th 2008
In 1999 I went on my first "out of state" hunt to Mississippi. I went there to meet an old friend who lived there,his name was Ron Collins. Ron was very instrumental to my career in call making. Ron passed away a few years ago, sure miss him. I called this bird in with my first ever working call.
This picture is one of my favorites. Taken at the second annual Neil Cost Memorial hunt, April 1st 2004, at the Rock House Hunt Club in Greenwood, SC..This bird was also the bird I registered as my Eastern on my first Grand Slam in a single season.
In 2004 I harvested this nice fall Gobbler in Virginia. Called in a group of nine Gobblers with a wingbone call. This bird was the smallest of the group.19 lb.with a 10 in.beard and 1 in. hooks.
Here are a couple of Gobblers that fell to a IHW "Classic" Carved Call. These two were taken in Nebraska this spring(2008) by my good friends Skip and his wife Elaine. Way to go !!!
Two nice Gobblers harvested by my good friend Todd from Florida with an IHW shortbox. Congrats Todd.
Here is Alex with an awesome bird taken with his father on the Youth opener in New Jersey 2009. He used a IHW Classic F/G made from Curly Koa and Rock Maple.
Here is my friend Donnie with a nice Osceola Gobbler he took this year (2008) with a IHW Shortbox. Congrats Donnie !!
Here a great Bird harvested in Florida 2009 , by my good friends Travis and Sharon taken with a IHW Carved square Box.
Here is Austin from New York with a nice Gobbler he called in with a call I gave him. This is Austin's first year chasing Gobblers. Way to go Austin !!
Here is me and my good friend and student ,Brad with a super nice Gobbler I called in for him this year April 12th 2008 . It was a beautiful morning , and a great hunt. One for the memory banks.
The IHW Calls go south of the border to Mexico with Ray Cartonia of New York. Ray called in a couple of nice Goulds Gobblers with a IHW Short Box.
My good friend Redbeard, with a nice Georgia Gobbler taken with the assistance of an IHW yelper.
David Calhoun from Louisiana with a nice Merriam's Gobbler taken with a IHW shortbox.
Dave Cirincione with his Grandson Jace. I completed this call on the day Jace was born, so I sent it to Dave to give it to his Grandson.
Dave Cirincione sent me this beautiful picture of a nice Georgia Gobbler he called in with a IHW Carved square box call.
Here is a nice double I got on my first day out here in South Carolina, 2006. Called these two in with a IHW Desert Ironwood Yelper.
2006 Cabin Bluff Spring Turkey Hunt, hosted by Mr. Bill Jones of Sea Island Georgia. Some of the guests there were; Don Chancey, Parker Wedon, Zack Farmer, Steve Mann, Ralph Snodgrass and many others. This was a hunt of a lifetime for me, Mr. Jones was the host of all hosts !!!
2004 fall hunting Turkeys with dogs in Virginia. I will have to say this was the most fun I've had Turkey hunting in a long time. The Henkel's give new meaning to good ol Virginia hospitality.
Here I am presenting a "Classic" carved call to Mr. Sonny Perdue , the Govenor of the great state of Georgia. It was a pleasure being in camp with Mr. Perdue.
Here is nice fall bird taken with a IHW Shortbox,by my good friend JBird up in New York State
Here is Todd and his wife from Buffalo County , Wisconsin with her first turkey. Called in with a IHW Short box. Congrats to her on a nice longbeard !!!
Mr. Lawson sent me this picture of a Gobbler he harvested in Connecticut, called in with a IHW Shortbox Call.
2007 Osceola, was a great start to another awesome season.
In 2003 at the NWTF Nationals, I gave away a couple of calls to two fine young boys with a great Mom and Dad. Here is John Daniel Eubanks pictured with his first Gobbler and the call I gave to him. Way to go John!!
This is Justin Eubanks with a nice Gobbler, Justin is one of the fine young boys I gave a call to, and brother to John Eubanks. Congrats Justin !!
And here is the joy of my life and my little helper. My Granddaughter looks like a natural when working on turkey calls.
Here is Rob Keck presenting my Granddaughter with her Diamond life Membership Plaque. She is probably the youngest member to receive this honor.
Shown here are a few awards I have won with the IHW Calls. 2004 National box call Champion, Second best of show in working calls. First place winner in Decorative calls, carved, not painted. Other awards include the Neil"Gobbler" Cost Award, the Rob Keck Award. Callmaker of the year award, and many others. Two years of competing.
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